10 Best Microwave Ovens In India To Put Your Money On

Nothing beats than having a good microwave oven at your shelf and use it when you need to rustle up a steaming hot cup of soup within minutes or bake a cake quickly. But with so many best microwave ovens in India, it is hard to pick the one suiting your needs.

The online market floods with so many brands that it can become confusing about what to choose. With several top-of-the-line features including convection, multiple auto-cook options, and ability to tackle Indian food with ease, the microwave oven has become a must-have kitchen appliance for most.

We researched the features of different microwave ovens to see which ones are apt for the Indian kitchen. The best ten are listed below.

10 Best Microwave Ovens In India

MarQ by Flipkart 20 L Solo Microwave Oven

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  • Solo microwave oven
  • Jog dial for choosing five power levels
  • Dial for setting time in minutes
  • A power output of 700 Watts
  • Jet defrost function
  • The turntable rotates over 360 degrees

The 20 L MarQ by Flipkart rounds up our list of top microwave ovens. It has an attractive budget pricing, which comes with BIS and ISO-certifications for guaranteed quality and safety. It has two dials, to switch between the five power levels, allowing you to control the amount of heat needed when cooking.

A Jet Defrost function is available for quickly defrosting meats or frozen bread, and a 360-degree rotating turntable allows for food to be cooked evenly. Defrosting can be controlled via a jog dial, which can be set to a specific weight. There is a timer that can extend up to 35 minutes.

  • The rust-resistant interior is easily cleaned
  • Good quality at a low price
  • It is quite noisy during operation

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Bajaj Majesty 16-Litre Oven Toaster Grill

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  • Thermostat controlled temperature
  • Advanced heating element
  • A capacity of 16 liters
  • 1200 watts power draw
  • Stainless steel body with powder coating
  • Timer for cooking and auto shut off

Next on the list of best microwave ovens in India is the Bajaj Majesty 1603 T. It delivers superior results when it comes to toasting, baking, and grilling. It consumes 1200 watts and has a capacity of 16 liters, making it an ideal choice for pizzas. It is the best choice for a family of 2-3 people.

A cool-touch handle on the door allows for easy removal of baking trays, and the knobs are designed for ergonomic use. The rack included is ideal for grilling and a set of skewer rods to ensure that the process of making kebabs proceed without hassle.

A crumb tray is also included with the oven, which allows for easy cleaning of spills and oil. The element delivers even & advanced heating – thanks to its thermostat. Once the timer is set, it will automatically shut off the oven when cooking is complete.

  • Elegant and long-lasting body with powder coating
  • Compact and sleek design
  • The timer is easy to use
  • The glass on the front door can break or crack due to temperature fluctuations

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IFB 23 L Convection Microwave Oven

best convection microwave oven

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  • 23L Capacity is ideal for a family of 4
  • Convection feature suitable for baking/grilling
  • Measuring Tumbler/Idli Stand/1500 ml Square Cook N Serve with lid/Roti Crisper/Ladle in the starter kit
  • Child lock function and a touch keypad
  • 71 options for auto cooking
  • Steam clean, disinfect, and deodorize features
  • Power save and keep warm modes
  • Stainless steel cavity
  • Ten power levels and ten temperature levels
  • 1400 watts power consumption

The IFB 23 L Convection Oven is designed with 71 auto cook settings, which can be easily selected and canceled. It allows you to cook your food with minimum hassle, and create perfect Indian dishes before you rush to the office.
It consumes 1400 watts of power and has a feature that is great for fermenting idli batter, bread dough, and setting curd.

While its “disinfect” feature is ideal for killing germs on baby bottles, the steam cleaning can be employed to keep the stainless steel interior cavity spotless. Defrost, and cooking can be set according to the weight of the food.

Up to three cooking cycles can be stored for easy recall, and the convection feature is ideal for baking cakes, browning food, and grilling. The power-save mode can be switched on when the microwave is not in use and a keep-warm feature scan be activated for up to 90 minutes to ensure that the food does not grow cold.

  • Combi-Tec feature allows for convection or grilling to be used together with microwave
  • Elegant floral design on the exterior and easy to use membrane based touch keypad
  • Several power/temperature levels can be picked
  • Power consumption when convection mode is used is higher at 1850 watts
  • Convection mode can be problematic, and the noise can be loud during operation

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Samsung 23 L Solo Microwave Oven

best convection microwave oven in india

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  • 23-liter capacity
  • Tactile buttons for control
  • 1150 Watts power draw
  • Scratch-resistant ceramic enamel cavity
  • Energy saving mode
  • 20 pre-set healthy cooking options
  • Support for Indian recipes
  • Handle for opening and dial for easy control

With handy features and several Indian recipes (including regional favorites) pre-programmed into the Samsung 23 L Solo microwave oven, you can quickly cook intricate dishes in the morning for a family of four.

It has a ceramic enamel cavity that is resistant to scratches and bacteria growth. While the build is exceptionally durable, its triple distribution system ensures food is evenly cooked.

It consumes 1150 Watts of power and has an energy saving mode, which allows for standby mode to kick in and help conserve electricity usage. It has a raised handle to allow for easy opening of the door, and there is a display that shows:

  • The menu options
  • The cooking time selected

Users can choose from 20 preset options, set temperature with an easy to use dial and prepare healthy food with several ingredients including vegetables, fish and poultry.

  • Cooking time extends up to 99 minutes
  • 10-year warranty on ceramic cavity
  • Quick defrosting
  • Enamel cavity is high-quality and can be cleaned with ease
  • The child lock feature is helpful
  • Dial can malfunction and rotate without stopping
  • No indication is provided on how to set the power level with the dial

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Godrej 20 L Convection Microwave Oven

best microwave convection oven,

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  • Convection oven with baking and grilling capabilities
  • A capacity of 20 litres
  • Jog dial and tactile buttons for temperature/timer
  • Extended five-year warranty on magnetron
  • 140 auto cook menu options
  • Stainless steel cavity
  • Floral design on the front

Featuring an elegant design and several nifty features, the Godrej 20 L Microwave Oven has a convection feature inbuilt. Be it baking cakes, grilling vegetables, or cooking chicken, you can do it with ease.

It has 140 menu options for automatic cooking of various dishes, allowing you to spend less time in the kitchen and yet making you enjoy the entire cooking experience.

Its jog dial and easy-to-use buttons allow for different temperatures settings and efficient cooking. The best part is that the oven can proceed from the microwave to the convection stage automatically.

An inbuilt fan provides faster cooling and ensures that the oven lasts longer. The glass turntable rotates the cookware smoothly and ensures that the heating remains uniform throughout the food.

  • The jog dial is easy to use
  • Buttons can be replaced easily in case of malfunction
  • Ideal for small families or bachelors who want a basic convection oven
  • Heating light can sometimes turn on, but the microwave will not work

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LG 28 L Convection Microwave Oven

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  • Convection oven suitable for grilling and baking
  • A capacity of 28 liters
  • Milk container, rotisserie bar, glass tray, and tawa included
  • Tactile and easy to use buttons
  • 251 auto cook options
  • Support for 175 Indian recipes
  • Consumes 1950 Watts
  • Steel cavity

Topping our list of best microwave ovens in India is the LG 28-liters Convection Oven, which has several features and options to make it ideal for dealing with Indian recipes.

It comes with a recipe book, which allows you to quickly choose among 251 auto cook options and 175 Indian recipes.
Included with the oven is a rotisserie bar, which is designed to work with the inbuilt motor. The bar provides 360° rotation, and guarantees even barbecuing and roasting.

The oven is ideal for a wide range of uses like grilling, reheating food, and defrosting. Its convection feature makes it an excellent choice for baking cakes and bread.

The oven’s patented Diet Fry function ensures healthy frying with minimum use of oil. A capacity of 28 Litres makes it ideal for preparing large meals for an Indian family.

  • Helpful starter kit with a milk container for pasteurizing milk
  • Durable stainless steel cavity
  • Easily cleaned interior
  • Fermentation feature for making curd and paneer
  • Hundreds of auto options simplify the process of cooking in the morning
  • Sides can dent easily is banged against walls
  • Demonstration of the product needs to be got from a company representative to understand its working

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Bajaj 20 L Grill Microwave Oven

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  • Inbuilt grill
  • 20-liter capacity
  • Tactile buttons and jog dial on panel
  • Nine auto cook menus available
  • Five selectable power levels
  • 800 Watts power consumption

With the Bajaj 20 L Microwave oven, you can discover the joys of cooking faster and do it on a modest budget. The microwave oven has an inbuilt grilling feature that is useful while making grilled corn.

It has 5 levels for controlling the temperature when cooking. It consumes 800 watts of power, making the microwave a perfect choice for use within a home.

You can make use of the 9 auto-cook menu options to prepare unique dishes with a single press of a button while defrosting can be done with the aid of the timer, or by selecting a particular weight.

  • Time and weight based defrosting is very helpful
  • Power consumption is low
  • Child lock with electrical code is handy
  • Express cooking function is ideal when in a rush
  • Size is small, and it is only suitable for a 2-3 member family
  • Print on the body can erode over time

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Haier 20 L Solo Microwave Oven

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  • Cavity with enamel coating
  • Knobs for easy control
  • Timer extends up to 30 minutes
  • Six power levels
  • 20-liter capacity
  • 1150 watt power consumption

One of the best budget-priced microwave ovens in India, the Haier 20 L Solo has a compact build and is ideal for a crowded kitchen where space has to be conserved.

The oven has a ceramic-coated cavity that prevents scratches from forming during operation. Its 20-liter capacity makes it ideal for a small family.

There are 2 knobs on the control panel – One, it controls the timer. While the other can be used to select up to six power levels, which range from low, to defrost and goes up to high.

  • Good features at a budget price level
  • Ceramic coating in the interior is long lasting
  • Knobs ensure easy operation
  • The timer only extends up to 30 minutes

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Godrej 20 L Solo Microwave Oven

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  • Jog dial for selecting settings
  • Features include defrosting/heating/cooking
  • Five power level settings
  • Twenty-litre capacity
  • Power output of 700 watts
  • Powder coated cavity
  • Digital display

The Godrej 20 L Solo Microwave Oven comes with an elegant black body and a powder-coated cavity, which is resistant to scratches. It has a jog dial that allows users to defrost food based on weight easily.

The dial can also be used to set the timer while cooking. The microwave has a capacity of 20 liters and is ideal for a small family or people living in college dorms. It has 5 power levels, which give you plenty of choices when you are cooking vegetables or meat, and ensure that food cooks perfectly.

  • Easy to use buttons
  • Ideal for one person or a family of two
  • Budget friendly pricing
  • The knob can be difficult to turn

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Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven

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  • Convection function for grilling/baking
  • Tactile membrane touch keypad
  • Power consumption of 2900 watts
  • Capacity of 28 litres
  • Slim fry technology
  • Tandoor technology provides 200 °C temperature
  • Power consumption of 2900 watts
  • Child lock
  • A large number of pre-programmed recipes

With a 28 litre capacity, the Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven is designed to suit Indian recipes. It can be comfortably used to prepare a complete meal with several courses for a large family.

The convection oven comes with a wide variety of menu options that are pre-programmed to ensure easy creation of Indian recipes. A Fermentation Function is available for setting curd and for proofing dough for bread and donuts. The convection oven is capable of baking cakes with a golden brown crust and grilling.

Its Tandoor Technology creates temperatures as high as 200 °C that is ideal for making naan. Slim Fry technology patented by the company is also onboard and allows for you to create crispy fries without deep frying. There is also a deodorization setting, which removes smells quickly, and the ceramic interior is durable.

  • Helpful deodoriser removes any smell that can adversely impact the taste of food
  • Grilling and naan making technology is convenient
  • The ceramic coated interior can be easily cleaned
  • Power consumption can vary when grill and convection are in use and is quite high


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