10 Best Sandwich Makers In India For A Perfectly-Cooked Snack

How about making a crunchy and delicious sandwich within minutes? But with online market flooding with brands, each claiming to be one of the best sandwich makers in India, picking the one that suits your family needs while investing on the right product becomes perplexing.

After taking several factors and features into consideration, we came up with the list of top ten sandwich makers, which are rated for their durability, operability, and user-friendliness.

From cooking various fillings perfectly to accepting different varieties of bread (requiring less or no oil), these sandwich makers are designed to meet a variety of needs.

10 Best Sandwich Makers In India 

Kenstar Grilli Sandwich Maker 

kenstar grill maker

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  • 750 Watts power consumption
  • Non-stick plates
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Red/Green Indicator Light
  • Easy grip handle

With the Kenstar KTG02KGP-DBH Grilli, you can make two sandwiches with multiple layers of filling within minutes. Be it cooking a mid-day snack or preparing brunch for the family, this is an ideal choice.

The sandwich maker features:

  • A red light (indicates that it is switched on)
  • A green light (indicates that it is ready to use)

The non-stick plates require less oil and bread needs no buttering, allowing for the creation of healthy sandwiches. There are also adjustable temperature settings onboard, which can be used based on the type of dish that you are cooking.

  • It is ideal for grilling chicken
  • Requires less oil during operation
  • It heats up fast
  • Overheating causes paint on the outer surface to bubble
  • The cable is short

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Prestige PGMFB Grill

prestige grill maker

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  • Sturdy Bakelite body
  • 800 watts power consumption
  • Fits two sandwiches
  • One year warranty
  • Ergonomic and heat resistant handle
  • Two indicator lights
  • Non-stick coated
  • Fixed grill plates

The Prestige sandwich maker helps you to cook some delicious sandwiches with a perfect crunchiness within minutes. The grill has fixed plates (with a non-stick coating) that allows for less oil usage while grilling sandwiches, chicken, or vegetables.

While the exterior is made from durable Bakelite that is long lasting, the handle is heat resistant and allows for a comfortable grip to be maintained when removing sandwiches.

It comes with an elegant black finish & compact body and is therefore ideal for a modern kitchen. Its power-saving feature ensures that it consumes less voltage and does not result in higher electricity bills even if used daily. Two indicator lights are present on it that shows when the grill is switched on and when the sandwiches are ready to be taken out.

  • Easily creates two crunchy sandwiches with four slices of bread
  • It creates sandwiches within three minutes
  • It consumes less power and is energy efficient
  • The interior and exterior are easily cleaned
  • The cord is short and limits where the grill is set up
  • It cannot accommodate thick sandwiches with a lot of stuffing

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Nova 1000 Watt Panini Sandwich Grill Maker 

nova grill maker

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  • Power consumption of 1000 watts.
  • The plate measures 25.3 cm length / 17.8 cm width.
  • Double Teflon coated heating plate.
  • Heavy-duty hinged lock.
  • Advanced thermostat based control.
  • Power on/ready indicators.
  • Vertical storage option.
  • One year warranty.

Next on the list of best sandwich makers in India is none other than the Nova NSG 2449. It functions both as a grill and as a toaster. It has plates covered with a non-stick coating and results in less oil requirement while making toast, sandwiches, or grilling vegetables.

With a power consumption of 1000 Watts and an operating voltage of 210-250 volts, it is ideal for Indian households. The sandwich maker heats up quickly and has adequate space for creating two sandwiches at the same time.

A light indicator shows the pre-heating status of the machine and helps prevent burning of sandwiches whereas the anti-skid base keeps it from slipping when in use. The handle and hinged lock are easily operated, and the sandwich maker is stored vertically when not in use.

  • The body of the sandwich maker remains cool to touch and allows for easy use.
  • The non-stick plates allow for easy cleaning.
  • The 90cm long wire cord allows for easy positioning.
  • It is ideal for making paneer tikkas and similar Indian snacks.
  • When two sandwiches are made the grilling is not even.
  • The lock tends to break.

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Wonderchef Family-Size Sandwich Maker 

wonderchef grill maker

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  • Advanced 10-step thermostat
  • Adjustable slope
  • 180-degree opening
  • 1600 watt power consumption
  • Drip tray for oil
  • Non-stick plates
  • Floating hinge

The Wonderchef Family Size Super 1460-Watt Tandoori is among our best sandwich makers. It has several handy features and functions. With a 180-degree opening, both plates are ideal for reheating – be it pizza or pre-cooked sandwiches. It keeps both the bread and dough from burning.

A 10-step thermostat allows you to control the amount of heat required for creating sandwiches, making tandoori chicken, and much more. It also has an adjustable slope that drains off excess oil. A drip tray collects all the oil and is designed for smoother emptying and cleaning.

A floating hinge ensures that even the sandwiches with multiple layers or foods of various sizes such as fish fillets, and chicken tikka are cooked perfectly and with ease.

It consumes 1600 watts, and therefore it operates fast, while the non-stick pan allows for less oil to be used and for healthy sandwiches to be created by dieters.

  • A recipe booklet is included with the sandwich maker
  • The inbuilt slope adjusts easily and allows for oil to drain away swiftly
  • The heat settings are handy
  • The handle and hinges are of low quality

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Solimo Non-Stick Grill Sandwich Maker 

solimo grill maker

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  • Double Teflon coated non-stick plates.
  • A power rating of 750 watts.
  • Superior quality fixed grill plates.
  • Automatic thermostat control.
  • Green/red indicator lights.
  • 1.20-meter long power cord.
  • Heating plates measure 18.4 cm X 9.3 cm.
  • Limited one-year warranty.
  • Compact build featuring premium materials.

With the Solimo Non-Stick Grill, making sandwiches with a crunchy exterior is effortless. The compact appliance consumes 750 watts and is energy efficient. The space within it is ideal for creating two sandwiches at a go.

It’s heating plates have a double Teflon coating, which ensures that less oil is required when grilling, toasting, and results in a healthy sandwich. The automatic thermostat control onboard keeps bread slices from burning, and the cheese melts perfectly in a grilled cheese sandwich.

The two indicator lights show when the sandwich maker is switched on, and when they are ready to be taken out. The easy-to-use hinged lock allows for the grill to be closed tightly when in use and for both the top and bottom of the sandwich to cook evenly.

  • It has an affordable price tag.
  • Teflon coated plates are cleaned easily.
  • Long 1.2 meters power cord for easy setup.
  • It has a vertical stand for storage.
  • The material used in the build is not strong.
  • It compresses the sandwich too much as the height cannot be adjusted.

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Bajaj Majesty Grill Sandwich Toaster 

bajaj grill maker

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  • High-quality non-stick coating on plates
  • Cord winder at the base
  • Consumes 700 watts
  • Power on/off indicators
  • Onboard thermostat
  • Ergonomic heat-resistant handle

With the help of Bajaj Majesty SWX400, you can cook sandwiches with a toasted exterior and perfectly heated interior. The non-stick coating on the plates ensure less use of oil and also allows for easy cleaning.

The thermostat control is designed to ensure that the right temperature is used. There is an on/off power indicator onboard, which allows you to load the sandwich maker only when it is entirely heated and not before.

You can also quickly check and remove sandwiches when they are ready. The ergonomic handle is easily locked and is heat resistant allows for it to be easily gripped.

  • It is ideal for toasting bread
  • It has an elegant and compact build
  • The sandwich maker fits two sandwiches with medium sized slices
  • It is easily cleaned and maintained
  • It cannot be used to grill thick sandwiches

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Philips HD 2393 820-Watt Sandwich Maker

philips grill maker

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  • High quality non-stick coating that is non-toxic
  • Push down locking system
  • Cord winding and cool touch handle
  • Power consumption of 820 watts
  • Cut and seal plates for two sandwiches
  • Heating and ready indicator lights
  • Non-slip rubber feet

With the Philips HD 2393 Sandwich Maker, creating perfect sandwiches with a crunchy and golden-brown exterior is easy. It has a non-stick coating that requires less oil when it is in use, resulting in healthy, low-fat food.

When in use, the ergonomically designed push down lock keeps it closed firmly. The on/off buttons allow for easy control while the quick-heating feature ensures fast creation of sandwiches.

It also has a cut and seal plate that cuts each sandwich into two and keeps the contents sealed within, preventing leakage. Two indicator lights onboard show when it is heating up and when it is ready to cook.

The cord winding feature allows for storage within compact spaces, while the sandwich maker can be positioned vertically when not in use.

  • Non-stick coating allows for easy cleaning.
  • Easy to use locking system.
  • Handle remains cool to touch when in use.
  • Rubber feet keep it from moving and steady when assembling sandwiches.
  • Sometimes the sandwich maker does not close properly.
  • The power cable is short, and the setup of the sandwich maker takes longer.

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Concord Sandwich Maker/Grill 

concord grill maker

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  • Automatic control of temperature
  • Consumes 1000 watts of power
  • Integrated drip tray
  • Non-stick Teflon coated plates
  • Floating hinge system
  • Cord Wrap Feature
  • Flame broiling and toasting functions
  • One year warranty

With Concord Sandwich Maker/Grill, you can make sandwiches with a variety of fillings such as vegetables, cheese, and meat with ease. It consumes 1000 watts of power and comes with automatic temperature control.

It has a drip tray that collects excess oil and is cleaned easily.  Both the top and bottom plates ensure that the sandwiches have a crunchy exterior. The floating hinge easily accommodates sandwiches with various heights. Flame broiling and toasting functions provide sandwiches to cook to perfection, and the handle is made from heat resistant material for a comfortable and safe opening experience.

  • The non-stick coating present on plates allow for easy cleaning after use
  • The drip tray is easily removed and cleaned
  • The sandwich maker is also ideal for grilling chicken
  • The cord wrap feature allows for storage within compact areas
  • The handle is not very sturdy

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Morphy Richards Sandwich Toaster 

morphy grill maker
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  • Power consumption of 750 watts
  • Operating voltage of 230 volts
  • Ergonomic front handle
  • Two years warranty on the product
  • Cook and power on neon indicators
  • Heat resistant body
  • Oil drip feature
  • Non-stick plates

The Morphy Richards SM3007 consumes 750 watts of power and allows the sandwiches to be perfectly cooked within minutes. It comes with non-stick plates and requires less oil & butter.

The excess oil drips off, resulting in a healthy and perfectly crispy offering. The power on & off indicator lights shows when the sandwich toaster is ready to use.

The body remains cool to touch, allowing users to remove the sandwiches when ready. The sandwich maker has an inbuilt ergonomic handle for easy carrying whereas the cord is coiled and stored when it is not in use.

  • Less oil is required when using the sandwich maker
  • It is easily cleaned and maintained
  • It allows for two sandwiches to made at a time
  • The non-stick plates develop scratches

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Panasonic NF-GW1 760-Watt 4-Slice Sandwich Maker

panasonic grill maker

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  • Covered body with an elegant design
  • 700 watts power consumption
  • Non-stick plates
  • Fits four triangular sandwiches
  • On/Off power Indicators
  • Non-Skid Feet

The elegantly designed Panasonic NF-GW1 helps in creating sandwiches within minutes. It has non-stick plates and therefore requires less oil to be used. It consumes a power of 700 watts.

The on/off indicators show you when it is hot enough for loading and when the sandwiches are ready to be taken out. Its non-skid base keeps it from moving when in use. The exterior remains cool to touch and allows you to remove sandwiches when ready, without burning your fingers.

  • It has an ergonomically designed body with advanced safety features
  • It is easy to clean and maintain
  • Bread toasts evenly and does not burn
  • It takes a longer time to make sandwiches compared to similar products
  • The domed top results in it taking up too much storage space

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