10 Best Water Bottles For School Kids

Though there are many best water bottles for school kids, it is important to pick something that your kids will love using and drinking water from.

Also, it is important to pick a bottle that is BPA & lead-free, as they are reported to be safe, healthier, and free from complications.

Since the online market is piled with thousands of options, it is daunting and time consuming to pick the water bottle that your child needs. So in an attempt to make everyone’s life easier, we spent time with parents and kids to gauge the latest trends around water bottles (yes they exist).

After quite a bit of deliberation about the merits of copper water bottles, we drew up a list of top ten metal and plastic versions, which is given below.

10 Incredible Water Bottles For School Kids

Cello Unbreakable 1 Litre Water Bottle

Cello H2O Unbreakable Bottle, 1 Litre, Set of 6

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Cello H2O Unbreakable 1000 ml Bottle(Pack of 6, Multicolor)

Hygienic bottle: The bottle is made of 100% food grade material

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Rs. 658 Rs. 1,008

  • Crystal clear clarity
  • Freezer safe build
  • Compact design without any curves
  • Unbreakable BPA free, food grade material
  • Leak-proof lid
  • Pack includes six bottles
  • Each bottle has a capacity of one liter

The Cello H2O Bottle comes from a trusted brand and tops the list of best water bottles for school kids. It is a high-quality, clear, and see-through water bottle allowing the water levels to be checked.

It is a pack of six bottles and comes with assorted eye-catching colors. It can also be used for storing juices and shakes. They can easily fit your refrigerator compartment.

Besides being BPA-free, the bottle is freezer-safe, giving you the ability to store water effortlessly in various temperatures. Importantly, it does not leave water with a bad taste.

The airtight lid is leak proof, keeps water portable for extended periods, and allows for easy refilling when rushing to school.

  • PET plastic material used in the build ensures water remains safe to drink
  • One liter capacity can last through the entire school day
  • Water does not have an unpleasant smell if kept in the bottle for several days
  • Level of the liquid inside is easily checked
  • Interior can be easily cleaned

  • The cap is too heavy and causes the empty bottle to topple over
  • The plastic smell in new bottles remains for long

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Pigeon Playboy Sport Water Bottle

Pigeon Playboy Sport Water Bottle, 700ml (Color may vary)

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Pigeon Playboy Spot 750 ml Water Bottle(Set of 1, Grey)

This steel grey water bottle has a grip layer surrounding it and is an elegant accompaniment to your everyday activities. Carry this bottle everywhere to quench your thirst in ...

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  • Stainless steel build
  • Lightweight bottle
  • A foldable sipper is included in the lid
  • Designed to be leak-proof
  • Plastic band in the center of the bottle
  • Each bottle has a capacity of 750ml

Created from superior-quality stainless steel, the Pigeon Playboy Sport has an attractive design and is ideal for active school children or gym users who are looking for a long-lasting bottle.

It has a plastic lid that is leak-proof and has an inbuilt sipper that folds down when it is not in use. The sipper connects to a straw inside and allows you to drink water or juice easily without any spillage.

While a rubber grip band along the middle of the bottle provides a secure grip when your kid is on-the-go, the steel used is rustproof, long lasting, and ensures that the water stored remains ideal for consumption and free from harmful chemicals.

  • Wide gauge steel helps improve durability
  • Attractive brushed finish
  • It can be easily carried
  • It helps keep water cold for extended periods

  • The sipper can start leaking
  • The plastic lid can crack

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Milton Vogue Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Milton Vogue Stainless Steel Water Bottle, 750 ml, Blue

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Milton VOGUE 750 ml Bottle(Pack of 1, Red)

Stylish bottle, easy to carry One touch opening lid with lock protection. Leak Free, Sturdy

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  • Stainless Steel body
  • Blue colored exterior
  • Wide mouth
  • Capacity of 750ml
  • Leak-proof locking lid
  • One touch opening system

Milton is one of the most renowned names in India. Considering this, here is Milton’s Vogue Stainless Steel Water Bottle that comes with an attractive metallic blue coating on the exterior.

It is easy to clean and maintain. The 18/8 high-quality steel used in the build is rust proof and is resistant to damage in case the bottle is dropped making it suitable for use when outdoors or on-the-go.

It has a capacity of 750ml and can last through a whole day at school or when trekking. The water stored within remains free of odors and can be easily poured out.

The lid prevents any leakage of water and has a one-touch mechanism that allows for easy opening while a lock ensures that it is not lost. A wide mouth allows for ice cubes to be inserted within and for hassle-free refilling.

  • Can be cleaned and maintained easily
  • The cover does not get lost easily
  • It is ideally suited for an executive or school student

  • The locking mechanism can become problematic and operate slower over time

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Milton Kool Sonic 400ml School Bottle

Milton Kool Sonic 400ml School Bottle (Color May Vary),(EC-THF-FTB-0009_Colour May Vary)

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  • Capacity of 400ml
  • Insulated bottle keeps liquid cool
  • Straw available within and lid doubles as a cup
  • Protected against dust
  • Inner lid has a Flip’n’Sip spout
  • Attractive child-friendly print on exterior
  • High-quality BPA free material
  • Strap for carrying included

Specially designed for children who have just started attending school, the Milton Kool Sonic 400ml comes with insulation, which ensures that water or juice remains cool for long periods.

It has a capacity of 400ml, and its lid can be removed and used as a cup when needed. There is a Flip’n’Sip spout on the inner lid, which provides children with easy access to water, has a straw within.

The child-friendly bottle which is sized to fit comfortably within the side pocket of a backpack comes with an attractive print on its exterior.

Created from BPA free material it ensures that harmful chemicals do not leach into the water and liquids remain odor free for long durations. A strap included with the bottle ensures that children can easily carry it when walking.

  • The water bottle keeps dust from entering
  • Insulation helps ensure water and juice remain cool for extended periods
  • Print on the exterior makes the bottle a popular option for children

  • Water can leak out if the bottle is not kept vertical

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Mr. Butler Plastic 1 Liter Pet Bottle

Mr. Butler Plastic Pet Bottle, 1 Litre, Pack of 2, Black and Grey

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Mr. Butler PET Bottle 1000 ml Bottle(Pack of 2, Orange, Black)

Set of 2 Bottles (Orange, Yellow) BPA Free Bottles. High quality bottles with contemporary design. Can be used with Mr. Butler Sodamaker or as water bottles. Special seal caps to ...

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  • Ideal for use with a soda maker
  • Set of two bottles included in the pack
  • A capacity of 1 liter each
  • High-quality PET plastic
  • Dual black and grey color
  • Food grade material that is BPA free
  • Leak resistant caps with a special seal
  • Perfectly sized spout
  • Three-year durability when used with a soda maker

The versatile Mr. Butler Plastic Pet Bottle is ideal for children to take to school and you can also use it to make soda when you have parties.

As a soda making accessory, it has long-lasting durability and can be used for up to three years. During school times, the bottle is designed to make the water remain fresh and free from chemicals.

While the advanced design and PET material ensures that water remains BPA-free and safe to drink. Each bottle has a capacity of 1 liter and is ideally suited for carrying water for the entire day.

While the leak resistant cap ensures that the liquid does not seep out, the lid is sealed to ensure that soda retains its fizzy quality. Besides water, the bottle is ideal for creating and carrying carbonated drinks.

  • Durable build with a wide spout
  • It can be refilled and cleaned easily

  • It develops scratches easily

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IndoSwasth Natural Matte Finishing Copper Water Bottle

IndoSwasth Handmade Seamless Copper Water Bottle 1000ml (Pack of 2) -Perfect for Home, Yoga, Sports & Fitness

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Rs. 1,249 Rs. 1,998

IndoSwasth 100% Pure & Natural Matte Finishing Copper Water Bottle with Ayurvedic Health Benefits 1000 ml Bottle 1000 ml Bottle(Pack...

IndoSwasth Handmade Copper Water Bottle- Your Companion for Good Health - Looking for a water bottle to carry your yoga class, gym, office or school? Buy the 100% pure copper ...

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Rs. 1,188 Rs. 1,998

  • Pure copper bottle
  • Durable build
  • Two bottles included in the set
  • Each bottle has a capacity of 1 liter
  • Natural matte finish

With an elegant matte finishing on its exterior, the IndoSwasth 100% Pure & Natural Copper Water Bottle ensures easy storing of water when traveling or heading to school. Its durable build is long lasting, and it can be easily maintained and used for several years.

Two bottles are included in the set, and each is resistant to leaks. Each has a capacity of 1 liter allowing you to carry sufficient water to last through the day.

The pure copper material additionally ensures that you get all the attributed benefits of the metal, such as better metabolism, higher resistance to bacterial infection and healthy skin.

  • The lid is leak resistant
  • Metal is easily cleaned with vinegar or similar astringent

  • Juices made from citrus fruits cannot be stored in the bottle

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RoyaltyLane Traveller’s Pure Copper Water Bottle


  • Bottle with 900 ml capacity
  • Pure copper material
  • Joint free build

With the RoyaltyLane Traveller’s Pure Copper Bottle you can enjoy all the benefits attributed to drinking water from copper vessels with none of the hassle involved.

The bottle has a sleek build and a capacity of 900ml which allows you to store an adequate amount of water for the entire day when you are traveling or going to college.

Its metal build provides it with good durability and ensures that you will be able to use it daily for a number of years.

  • The metal is extremely durable and withstands aging well

  • The copper bottle, cannot be used for storing juices created from citrus fruits

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MACHAK Genaric Copper 1 Liter Water Bottle

MACHAK Genaric Copper Water Bottle (Brown, 1000 ml) -2 Bottles

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Rs. 699 Rs. 1,999

  • Sturdy copper build
  • Each bottle has a capacity of 1 liter

The health benefits of drinking water from copper utensils have long been extolled. As a result, people often look for the best copper water bottle available to aid in weight loss.

The MACHAK Genaric Copper Water Bottle with a sturdy build and sleek design ensures that you do not miss out on benefits attributed to using copper utensils.

It has a capacity of 1 liter, and a wide mouth which allows for easy cleaning and two bottles are included in the set.

  • The bottle is good for getting the health benefits attributed to copper

  • The bottle can dent if dropped at an angle

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HOKIPO My Bottle Plastic 500 ml Water Bottle

HOKIPO® My Bottle Plastic 500 ml Water Bottle, 1 Piece

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  • Elegant transparent build
  • FDA food grade virgin plastic material
  • High-quality leak-proof lid
  • Freezer safe
  • Bottle with 500 ml capacity

Created from clear plastic, the “HOKIPO My Bottle” can contain up to 500ml. It is indeed one of the best water bottles for school kids because it is made of superior grade virgin plastic used.

The high-quality build conforms to FDA food grade specifications and does not leave water with an odor if stored for many hours or days. The bottle is freezer safe and ideally suited for storing juices and water for long periods and has a sophisticated lid which is leak proof.

  • Lid with two stages is exceptionally well designed and does not leak
  • Its size makes it ideal for smaller bags

  • The bottle can crack if dropped when liquid is present within

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Steelo Sancia Plastic 1 Litre Water Bottle

Steelo Sancia Water Bottle, 1000ml, Set of 4, Blue

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Steelo Sancia Water Bottle, 1000ml, Set of 4, Grey 1000 ml Bottle(Pack of 4, Grey)

Sporting a highly stylish and elegant design, the Steelo bottles can adorn your dining table or refrigerator rack and make storing water or other liquid beverages a joy. Serve ...

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Rs. 399 Rs. 468

  • Four bottles included in the set
  • The bottle has a capacity of 1 liter
  • Attractive color and design
  • Food grade PET plastic material
  • Unbreakable and freezer-safe
  • Resistant to leakage and odor
  • Dishwasher safe

The set of four Steelo Sancia Plastic Water Bottles have crystal-like facets on their exterior and come in attractive colors making them ideal for use at home or school.

Created from food grade plastic that is BPA-free the bottles do not create odors, and water within remains free of chemicals and is 100 percent hygienic.

The caps are leak proof, and the bottles can be stored easily in larger bags. The freeze-proof feature ensures that they are not damaged even when stored at cold temperatures. Additionally, the bottles are fully recyclable and do not contribute to pollution in the environment.

  • It can be loaded into a dishwasher for cleaning
  • Beautifully designed facets
  • The bottles are designed for easy refilling

  • Can leak when kept horizontally





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