10 Fruit Infuser Bottles For Healthy Detox Water

Did you know that fruit-infused water helps you stay energetic, awake, and focused? Packing the rejuvenating power of fruits and transferring their rich taste into water is what a fruit infuser bottle does.

Fruit-infused water turns the drinking water more enjoyable and makes sure that you remain hydrated throughout the day. Tasty fruit infusions also encourage children to drink more water at school and reduce the number of sodas consumed during lunch or snack time. Thus, it helps reduce unwanted instances of childhood obesity.

It encourages more water consumption and helps dieters to lose weight by reducing the amount of food consumed during the day. The right fruit infuser water bottle also ensures that infusions are rich with nutrients, aiding in detoxifying the body, and as a result, your family remains healthy without having to rely on doctor’s visits.

Fruit infused water helps in increasing your energy too. So, the next time you plan to go on a hike or perhaps, have a dull day at work, carry detox water in any one of the fruit infused water bottles listed here.

10 Fruit Infuser Bottles To Buy In India

InstaCuppa Thermos Fruit Infuser Water Bottle (1 Litre)

best fruit infuser water bottle

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  • Full-length steel infuser
  • Thermos body with vacuum insulation
  • One liter capacity
  • Leak-proof build
  • Eco-friendly double walled steel build
  • Elegant non-slip matte finish
  • Multi-purpose lid with a wide mouth
It comes with a stainless steel infusion unit, detox infused recipe ebook, and 2 lids.

Ideal for creating both hot and cold infusions, the InstaCuppa Thermos Fruit Infuser Water Bottle can hold one liter of water and comes in a trendy design.

Made from stainless steel, the bottle has a double walled body with vacuum insulation. The thermos is therefore excellent for creating both hot and cold infusion brews.

Even if you store the infusions (hot/cold) for a longer time, the bottle is ideally suited for use in the office and outdoors.

The full-length steel infuser core is designed for easy removal and cleaning. Its lid prevents leaks and provides easy access to water. The matte finish exterior is powder-coated and keeps the bottle secured within the hand.

  • Durable steel build ideal for hot/cold water
  • Designed for easy cleaning
  • Attractive and trendy design
  • Two lids keep leakage low
  • Screw on top lid allows for easy access
  • Rust tends to form in the inside
  • Water loses heat/coldness quite fast

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InstaCuppa Fruit Infuser Water Bottle (1 Litre)

Fruit infuser bottle

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  • A bottle with a capacity of 1 liter
  • An upgraded filter in the lid
  • Provides 25% higher infusion capability
  • Free e-book with recipes
  • Full-length tube for infusion
  • Elegant rose gold carry sleeve
  • Leak resistant build
  • BPA free Tritan material
It comes with an infusion unit, sipper lid with filter, detox infused recipes eBook, and a carry sleeve.

Created from advanced Tritan material, the InstaCuppa Fruit Infuser Water Bottle comes with a full-length infuser tube, which provides higher infusion capacity compared to similar offerings.

An hourly tracker on the bottle is among its nifty features, which ensure water is consumed regularly. The free e-book with over 100 recipes helps you prepare tasty and creative infusions of herbs, vegetables, and fruits.

The bottle is made from BPA free Tritan material, keeping the detox infusions free from contaminants.

Seals, a metal latch on the lid and leak-proof technology ensure that water does not seep into bags. A neoprene carry sleeve with advanced design keeps the bottle from slipping from your hand and ensures infusions remain cool for longer.

  • A spring for mixing allows for the easy stirring of infusions
  • One year warranty covers manufacturing defects
  • Lid filter strains seeds and pulp effectively
  • Easy to clean and maintain with the included brush
  • Rubber finger grips on the bottle allow for secure gripping
  • The carry sleeve is convenient for active users
  • Internal cup gets damaged easily
  • Damaged sealing on bottle causes leaks

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InstaCuppa Fruit Infuser Water Bottle (1 Litre)

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

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  • BPA free Tritan build
  • Infuser rod with hydro gel ball
  • A capacity of 1 litre
  • Sturdy metal latch
  • Leak-proof build
  • Non-slip neoprene carry sleeve
  • Brush and spring included
  • E-Book with 100+ infusion recipes
It features an infusion unit with ice gel ball, detox infused recipe eBook, and a carry sleeve cover.

Whether you are sitting in the office or on a mountain hike, the InstaCuppa Fruit Infuser Water Bottle with Ice Gel Ball technology ensures that the water is perfectly infused with nutrients from herbs & fruits while keeping calories low.

The bottle is designed with user-friendly features including an ergonomic sipper cap and an insulated neoprene sleeve to keep the water fresh and allows for a secure grip when active.

A polar edition infuser tube onboard has a detachable ball, which once frozen in a freezer, can be used to keep the water cold for longer durations. Leak-proof seals around the cap and spout ensure that the liquid is retained within the bottle and prevents spills in bags.

Its Tritan material build provides extra durability and keeps chemicals from leeching into the water. The safety latch and the lock button on the bottle are designed for easy operation.

  • High-quality build
  • Easy to clean with the included brush
  • The insulated sleeve provides users with a secure grip
  • Recipe e-book is convenient
  • The included spring makes mixing water easy
  • Ergonomic rubber finger grips on the bottle
  • The rubber seals deteriorate and result in leakage
  • The lid and ice ball develop cracks easily


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Fruitalite Fruit Infuser Water Bottle (1 Litre)

water bottle fruit infuser

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  •  A trendy light blue color
  • Has a capacity of 1 liter
  • Free eBook with 125 recipes
  • Leak-proof and break resistant build
  • Neoprene sleeve and brush included
  • Full-length infuser rod
  • Flip-top lid with carrying handle
  • Anti-slip rubber grip
  • BPA-Free Tritan plastic build
It features coloured tritan infusion rod, cover sleeve, infused detox water recipes ebook, and a cleaning brush (light blue).

The BPA-Free Tritan Plastic Water Bottle has elegant blue highlights. A blue neoprene sleeve reduces sweat on the exterior, keeps the infusion cool for extended periods, and provides a secure grip.

It is one of the sturdy bottles available in India. Designed with a colored full-length infusion rod, the bottle holds up to one liter of infusion water.

The lid is leak-proof and has a robust ring for locking in position, while a push button allows for quick access to infusions.

Created from 100 percent safe BPA-free Tritan plastic, the bottle is resistant to breakage and has rubber grips on its exterior, allowing for a secure hold to be maintained when on the move.

  • Upon removing the infuser rod, it doubles as a water bottle
  • 125 recipes are suitable for promoting weight loss
  • Infuser rod is easily detachable for cleaning
  • Water leaks from the cap when it breaks or is loose
  • Plastic smells bad


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InstaCuppa Detox Double Walled Glass Bottle Infuser (450 ml)

water bottle with fruit infuser

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  • Four-in-one infusion bottle
  • Steel 2-in-1 infuser
  • Handles hot/cold infusions
  • BPA free borosilicate glass bottle
  • Leak-proof bamboo lid
  • Carrying sleeve included
  • Free eBook with 100 recipes included
  • Capacity of 450ml

Capable of handling both hot and cold infusions, the InstaCuppa Detox Double Walled Glass Bottle is perfect for creating tea/coffee, herb-infused water, and fruit/vegetable infusions.

The double wall build is heat resistant and is designed for a comfortable holding experience when filled with hot water.
With a two-piece steel infuser onboard, the bottle is ideal when loose green tea leaf or tea bags are in use. It ensures sediments do not seep into infusions.

A carved bamboo lid with silicone lining keeps heat within the bottle and ensures that the water does not leak out. It comes with a custom fit neoprene sleeve, which prevents the bottle from sweating and slipping when held, allowing for an ergonomic carrying experience.

  • Useful for creating both hot/cold infusions
  • Steel infuser is excellent for green tea leaf
  • The lid is exceptionally secure and prevents leakage
  • The eBook has several recipes that take less than 5 minutes to prepare
  • The bottle holds a limited quantity
  • Wood cap takes long to dry after washing

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Fruitalite Fruit Infuser Water Bottle (750 ml)

best fruit infuser water bottle India

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  • A capacity of 750 ml
  • Free eBook with 125 recipes
  • BPS/BPA-free Tritan plastic
  • Neoprene sleeve included
  • Full-length infusion rod
  • Cleaning brush included
  • One finger locking system
It comes with coloured tritan infusion rod, carry cover sleeve, infused detox water recipes ebook, and a cleaning brush.

Created with a unique colored Tritan infusion rod, the Fruitalite Fruit Infuser Water Bottle ensures that the infusion process is efficient and fast.

The infuser bottle is 100 percent safe and free from BPA/BPS. It has a high-quality Tritan plastic build to make sure that the infusion is perfect for detoxification.

A brush is included with the bottle, which allows for effortless cleaning. The neoprene sleeve provides insulation and keeps infusions cool for a longer time.

The sleeve and the finger grips on the side of the bottle allow for a secure grip to be maintained, while the recipes in the e-book ensure tasty infusions are created with ease.

  • Carry handle on the bottle is ergonomically designed and easy to use
  • Long infusion rod creates better quality infusions.
  • Finger grips do not have a rubber coating
  • Plastic locking system breaks easily

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Bison International Fruit Infuser Water Bottle (1 Liter)

fruit infuser water bottle benefits

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  • Full-length infuser
  • Two free eBooks with recipes
  • Metal locking loop and leak-proof lid
  • Thumb button for opening lid
  • One liter capacity
  • Anti-slip rubber and thumb grip
  • Carrying loop inbuilt
  • Cleaning brush and protein shaker included
  • 100% BPA-free bottle with 1-litre capacity
  • Carrying sleeve provided
It features a BPA-free design, tritan anti-sweat thermos sleeve, and a protein shaker ball.

With the Bison International BPA-free Bottle, busy professionals and gym goers get easy access to their favorite fruit/vegetable infusions, whether indoors or outdoors.

The bottle has a capacity of 1-litre and is ideal for creating fruit/vegetable infusions. It comes with two eBooks, featuring creative recipes.

A locking loop keeps the lid securely latched and prevents leaks, and once the infusion is prepared a thumb button allows easy access to it when required.

The 100% BPA-free Eastman Tritan plastic used while designing the bottle ensures that the water remains safe to drink. It has a loop that allows for easy carrying.

A rubber grip for fingers ensures that the bottle does not slip when held. A neoprene sleeve is provided to keep infusions cold for longer and prevents sweating on the exterior of the bottle.

  • Easily fits into a cup holder in a car
  • Brush and wide mouth allows for easy cleaning
  • High-quality impact resistant material
  • EBooks are downloaded easily
  • The locking loop often breaks

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VibeX ® Tritan Fruit Infuser Sipper Bottle (700 ml)

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  • Capacity of 700ml
  • High-quality BPA-free plastic build
  • Long infuser rod for fruits
  • Leak-proof lid
It is BPA-Free and great for carrying detox water outdoors.

Priced attractively and created from BPA free plastic, the VibeX Tritan Fruit Infuser Sipper has a capacity of 700ml and is ideal for use on the go.

It comes with a leak-proof lid that has an integrated handle for easy carrying. While the infuser included is perfectly sized to hold cut fruit and vegetables. Tea bags fit into the infuser, and the lid opens fully to give unrestricted access to the infusion.

  • Attractive price point
  • Good features and build
  • The lid has to be opened fully to drink the infusion


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House of Quirk Plastic Fruit Infuser Water Bottle (650 ml)

fruit infuser water bottle india online

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  • Removable infuser and lemon reamer
  • Capacity of 650ml
  • A strap is integrated into the cap
  • Leak-proof cap with rubber seal

With the House of Quirk Plastic Fruit Infuser Water Bottle, creating and taking infusions to the gym or during a walk is not a problem.

The bottle is designed to hold up to 650 ml of water and has a removable infuser which can hold cut fruit such as lemons, cucumbers, strawberries and more.

Within the infuser section, there is a lemon reamer that allows for easy squeezing out of juice. A rubber ring is integrated into the cap and prevents leakage while an attached strap allows for easy carrying of the bottle.

  • Not suitable for creating hot infusions
  • Ideal when going jogging or walking
  • The bottle only holds up to 650 ml

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Femora Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle & Fruit Infuser

best fruit infuser water bottle india

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  • Glass bottle with a 700ml capacity
  • Black silicone sleeve
  • Leak-proof lid with carrying handle
  • Fruit infuser rod

Created from high-quality materials, the Femora Borosilicate Glass Black Water Bottle allows for vegetable and fruit infusions to be created without any hassle.

The Borosilicate Glass bottle (with 700ml capacity) comes with an infuser and is 100 percent safe for creating infusions that are used for detoxification.

A black silicone sleeve on the exterior has stylish rings and provides a secure grip and keeps damage from occurring in case the bottle falls.

  • The lid is sturdy and prevents leaks
  • The sleeve is of high quality
  • The price point is quite high compared to similar products


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